Model Sign Language with Machine Learning

Model Sign Language with Machine Learning.

Deaf people are affected by many forms of exclusion, especially now in the pandemic world. HearAI aims to build a deep learning solution to make the world more accessible for the Deaf community and increase the existing knowledge base in using AI for Polish Sign Language.

Who we are

Hear.ai is a non-profit, educational project. We are group of ML enthusiasts under mentors’ supervision who want to build AI solutions for general good, while networking and gaining experience.

Our motivation

Deaf belong to the most excluded social groups. Communication outside their community can be a huge problem for them. They often cannot benefit from the services of an interpreter when contacting with doctor (also in the hospital), social workers, banks etc. Sign language is different comparing to Polish. Deaf people learn it as a foreign language. Because of that they have difficult access to information and entertainment in their native language.

Our goals

  • Working on segmentation and detection of signs.
  • Increasing existing knowledge base.
  • Increasing public awareness.
  • Gaining experience.
  • Networking.
  • Experimenting with technologies.
  • Sharing knowledge.

Learn more about us here.